CHOOSING YOUR STYLE - “what does style mean to you” ?

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Friday, April 9, 2021

Choosing our personal style has much more meaning behind it than most of us realize. Some choose a style based on what they are used to, others are dressing to keep up with the trends and there are those who dress unique to themselves. That is the group we want to be in! After-all, we are happiest when we reflect an image that represents our true self, or who we want to be.


How often do we ask ourselves, what am I going to wear? Once a day, sometimes more. Either out loud or internally. We dress ourselves for special events, work, or going to the grocery store. We may choose to skim past the question or spend a bit more effort. Professional stylists make the choice several times a day and in greater depth. However, we are all asking the same question. How do we want to express ourselves, or how do we wish to be seen by others?


Everyone’s style is different yet the way we dress our bodies has a huge affect on our spirits. Which in turn, affects our mood and how we feel.
When you dress your best don’t you feel upbeat and alive, like you want everyone to see you that day Compared to when you hate your outfit choice, aren’t you less inclined to walk around and strut your look? That’s the power of clothing and the power of choosing our personal style. It has the ability to make us feel our very best or the power to keep our rears glued to a chair all day!


My goal with today’s article is to help you look deeper inside and identify what style really means to you. You have to be willing to wear new things and try new looks, like the dress you’ve been dying to try on, or the pants you think look great on everyone else but wouldn’t look great on you. The truth is if we’re drawn towards a style it’s because it resonates with how we feel and we can’t be afraid to wear it, or whatever the hesitation may be. Wear the outfit! When you feel your best in something, it’s going to show in the way you walk, the way you talk and everything in between. People will respect you for it!

Our choice in what we wear is a unique gift to ourselves and we tend not to use it to it’s full potential. If I leave you with anything today I hope I leave you with inspiration and the power to choose a wardrobe that reflects your true self. So tell me, What does style mean to you?

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