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Heidi Klum Intimates Solutions Lingerie Wash Bag 1 Piece

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  • Heidi Klum Intimates Solutions Lingerie Wash Bag. 
  • 1 piece Fine Mesh Bag
  • Confidence is beautiful: we believe that there is nothing more beautiful than a confident woman. We also believe that nothing increases a woman's confidence like quality lingerie. That is why each piece we create is designed to help you embrace your inner goddess and exude your true confidence.
  • Preserves your panties: the Heidi mesh wash bag keeps your delicate ones safe from scratches, tears and tangles in the washing machine, helping to prolong its life and quality.
  • Good mess: made of a fine mesh that allows soap and water to flow easily throughout the bag of clothes.
  • Good for travel: great for travel: separate and protect your delicates on the go!